“I’ll always be grateful for the outstanding care my sweet mom received at Wellworth from everyone….and I remember fondly how much caring attention you gave to us all.“
I wanted to reiterate for the umpteenth time how wonderfully your staff @ Ayres look after mom. We are grateful each and every day for your care.
I wanted to let you know how happy I am that you found Ayres for us! Although our mom has since landed back in the hospital, that was the longest stretch that she had been out of hospital care in months. Michael and his team really got involved in thinking about her care, even coming to doctor’s appointments so they could familiarize themselves with her medical situation and needs. Similarly, they’ve worked very hard to find and make foods that work for her – not a simple request, since she’s a diabetic vegetarian on blood-thinners… I think Amy and Mom enjoyed the space in the house, as well as the park right across the street, perfect for wheelchair access.
It is hard to imagine a better place for a senior family member than the Ayres Residential Care Homes. I am a physician and have had 3 family members—my mother, father and mother-in-law—reside at each one of Michael’s homes. The care they received was exemplary. I visited frequently, at all hours, and the staff was always courteous and my parents content and well cared for. Michael is a gem—a wonderful, caring human who personally knows and looks out for each of his residents. I strongly recommend Ayres Residential Care Homes to anyone who seeks residential care for a family member—these facilities are so much better than any other that I find them incomparable. Through the last decade of my parent’s lives I never had to worry about the care they received or the quality of their lives, which made navigating what could have been a difficult time one of peace and comfort. A true gift.
It is difficult to put into words how very grateful we have been for the truly significant care you and your staff provided to our uncle during his last increasingly troubled years with Parkinsonism. When it became necessary to find a residential care facility for him, we scoured the area for a suitable home in the Los Angeles area, with the help of professional guides. We were incredibly fortunate that you had an unexpected opening for him, after we had arranged to place him in a highly-recommended, but significantly less desirable facility. The location of your Wellworth Avenue facility is especially valuable with its proximity to the UCLA Medical Center which had always meant a great deal to him and to us. It was our feeling at the time we placed him with you that yours is the best residential care facility we could find. Our experience has not only confirmed that appraisal, but raised it to say that we cannot conceive of a residential care facility anywhere that matches yours in attention to every element of care, with continuously thoughtful, personal attention in detail to each of your residents by you and every member of your staff. Our heartfelt thanks to your Wellworth supervisor and caregivers for their devoted loving care.
Walking in that first late afternoon I knew this was the place for my mother. Feeling as much like home as her home. The comfort along with the beauty and the care from the caregivers or should I say the angels who treated my mother like a queen. How lucky we both were that she spent the last two years of her life surrounded by love and respect. And she knew as well as I did how lucky we both were to have found this home that sparkles like her home had. And smells coming from the kitchen never dd she complain about one meal. Everything was delicious especially the people who served her always making sure that she had enough. When I would leave her I always knew that she was where she deserved to be. My mother who always worked hard for us always loved us. She deserved this place filled with love. I thank all of the people there for those two years.
I will always be deeply grateful for the exceptional care my mother got at her Ayres home. It took so much off my shoulders.