Assisted Living

Dignity and Privacy

A Reassuring Alternative
Our homes offer a reassuring alternative to you and your family when living alone is no longer possible or practical. We are here for seniors who need daily care but do not need the intensive services of a nursing home.

Gracious Surroundings
Each of our homes offers comfortable and gracious environment…a warm home-like atmosphere. Each lovely residential setting includes an outdoor patio with a colorful garden, a living room, dining room and a personalized private room. Each of our six private rooms has a private, fully accessible bathroom.

Residents are encouraged to surround themselves with personal belongings such as their own furniture, photographs or favorite pieces of art. We recognize that transition can be difficult, therefore, we try very hard to smooth the way.

Home Cooking
We have talented staff to create delicious home cooked meals tailored to meet specific food needs and tastes. Personal choice selections and special dietary requirements are gladly accommodated. Snacks are offered several times a day.

Personalized Assistance
We respond to each resident’s unique care requirements and changing health conditions.

Assistance is provided for daily routines such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, personal laundry and management of medication. Personal support is provided in each resident’s living quarters to honor dignity and privacy.

Transportation to medical and therapeutic appointments is arranged and we often accompany a resident,, as well.

Daily Activities
Every effort is made to enhance the lives of our seniors to make them meaningful both for residents and their families.

We schedule daily activities for social and recreational enjoyment.

Professional entertainers and community volunteers often come in to entertain.

Stimulation and educational programs are offered regularly.

Exercises are geared o maximize abilities and improve conditioning.

Excursions include field trips to museums, shopping centers, concerts and cultural events.

Holidays and religious holy days are observed and celebrated. Family and friends are welcome to join in the activities.

In fact, friends and families are encouraged to visit as often as they would like. Participation in the lives and activities of their loved ones  is often made easier when daily necessities are not an issue.